Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hi from Chicago!!!!

I have been on my summer hiatus long enough....I have enjoyed my summer with family and friends...Its been great!!! I went to Georgia for my family reunion, and I went on a girls trip to Cincinnati!!! I have enjoyed waking up and drinking coffee to my hearts the way I love COFFEE!!!! I could drink it all day if you ask me... and because of this love my oldest bought me a personal coffee maker... he said go to Starbucks everyday...which was true...make it at home and you could save money and have it anytime you want...boy..oh boy...I love making my own coffee and he was right I am saving tons of money...5 bucks a day can add up... Anyhoo I just loved my summer, the weather here in Chicago has been perfect mid 70's to low 80's just absolutely perfect!!!! Well I am back and I promise to be a better blogger this school year...last yr was so busy for me as far as work goes.. In Chicago they had closed 50 plus schools, and relocated existing schools to closed school buildings, and my school was moved to a new location... It was a really rough transitions...the parents and community met us with much resistance...It was hard, and very exhausting... So, I think this year will be better tensions have died...wish me luck!

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