Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Moving to Suburbs

I have decided to move to suburbs, and you can't work for Chicago Public Schools if you don't live in the city, so I will be looking for a job for the upcoming school yr. I am nervous and scared, but moving is best for my son, he is stuck inside to much because were right in the heart of the City. So I am hoping and praying that I find a first grade position next school yr.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Jealous and Excited

Hi Yall,

As I am blog hopping as usually I see that many of my blog buddies have 10 to 12 days left a school, I am super jealous!!!!! Here in Chicago we have about 25 days left, and our contract negotiations aren't going well. I keep hearing the words strike. I pray that we don't go on strike, I ask that my blog buddies keep Chicago Teachers in prayer for a fair contract. The board wants a longer day, and the union wants us to be compensated for it. Well anyhoo, I am all for an extra hr in school, we currently get out a 2:15 and I always need more time, so I hope they can just reach an agreement.
Now why I am excited, I am excited about how much better a first grade teacher I will be next yr. I am constantly thinking how my word wall will be better, how centers will be better, how I will improve on my organizational skills. I struggled with truly understanding how to teach writing in the primary grades, so that will be my self study project over the summer. If anyone has any suggestions on books I should read to better understand teaching firsties to write, and any other books that will help me grow as a 1st grade teacher I would greatly appreciate it!
I wish those who can taste summer break a wonderful break, it is truly well deserved!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Back to School tomorrow,

As I am reflecting about my first yr in first, I have many thoughts and strategies that I want to implement next yr. I really hope I don't get moved from first, though. Lately, my students have been a little more busier, I think they are checking out. So, my challenge is to continue to engaged them, for our last day is not till mid June.
I love the idea of thinking about next yr, and the endless possibilities :)