Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Jealous and Excited

Hi Yall,

As I am blog hopping as usually I see that many of my blog buddies have 10 to 12 days left a school, I am super jealous!!!!! Here in Chicago we have about 25 days left, and our contract negotiations aren't going well. I keep hearing the words strike. I pray that we don't go on strike, I ask that my blog buddies keep Chicago Teachers in prayer for a fair contract. The board wants a longer day, and the union wants us to be compensated for it. Well anyhoo, I am all for an extra hr in school, we currently get out a 2:15 and I always need more time, so I hope they can just reach an agreement.
Now why I am excited, I am excited about how much better a first grade teacher I will be next yr. I am constantly thinking how my word wall will be better, how centers will be better, how I will improve on my organizational skills. I struggled with truly understanding how to teach writing in the primary grades, so that will be my self study project over the summer. If anyone has any suggestions on books I should read to better understand teaching firsties to write, and any other books that will help me grow as a 1st grade teacher I would greatly appreciate it!
I wish those who can taste summer break a wonderful break, it is truly well deserved!


  1. Yikes! Hope all goes well for you!


  2. Thanks for joining my blog! Praying all goes well! You guys get out of school really early in the day! Our kiddos are in school from 7:45-3:15 and we still feel like we're cramming everything in! Best of luck to you! First grade is wonderful!


    1. Thanks Tanya for your prayers, Chicago has just brought in mediators, so we will see. :( Extra time would be nice, and your right first grade is the best. I love it!!!! this yr was just ok, because I was learning first, but I have so many great ideas for next yr thanks to so many great blogs like yours that truly inspire me.
      Happy Mothers Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I'm in the same boat too. Our contract expired last year and negotiations have been at a stand still. We are in session from 8-2pm and we've heard rumors we will be extending another hour. I pray things work out for the both of us :)