Saturday, October 19, 2013

OMG!!!! My poor little blog has been neglected!

Hi All,

Although I been blog hoppin and stealing... I mean getting ideas, lol from others my poor little blog has been totally neglected, and honestly I don't have any reason for it besides teaching 32 first graders...yikes... I said it... I have 32 lovely first graders this year. Its a big class, and I was informed yesterday that another class will be opening...yay! However, I been teaching, dibeling, progress monitoring my little tushi off. Oh, by the way I am down 40 pounds, working out 6 days a week (berfore school) I can't workout after school, usually I am to pooped to pop. I have been eating clean, no white stuff (rice, potatoes, bread, pasta) lean meats (turkey,  and chicken).  I have tons more energy and am trying to lose 20 more by New Years Eve! wish me luck.

We have been studying apples, Johnny Appleseed, Pumpkins by the way I brought in a pumpkin yesterday, have you ever planned a 1 day lesson that really should have been a weeks lesson...Yes, that happen to me I planned pumkin adjectives... all students got to touch and pick up the pumpkin, I planned a pumpkin disection each student worked with a partner to pick seeds out, before that we guess what we thought was inside...yeah even talked about and formalated an hypothesis, we even tasted pumpkin chocolate chip cookies....yes we did all of that and more we even wrote about pumpkins... by the end of the day my students were needless to say CRAZY!!!!!!, but its my fault...don't know what I was doing planning a Pumpkin Day....