Saturday, September 6, 2014

First Week Down

Hi Yall,

Well I made it through the first week....As always the first week is exhausting...Being a drill sargent all day....This is how we do this in first grade is repeated like a gazillion times.... Im glad the first week is over. We will continue to practice routines and give gentle reminders of what we do in first grade, but next week I get to introduce stations and begin testing... Mt little guys are really cute...and I have a couple of characters, but their really sweet! Well I am ready to start small groups and teach...I'm feeling really good about my group, omw....I have 20 student...I haven't had twenty students...I always have 25-30..I think 20 is a perfect number...the things I can do...the places we can go!!!! in my Dr. Seuss voice...I'm excited!!!! I'll post pics soon of all our classroom happenings. By the way The Learning Station has great brain breaks on You Tube...Search when you get a chance, their so appropriate for primary grades. Well I hope everyone is off to a great start...Good Luck this yr!

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