Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Reflections and Relaxations!!!!!

I love, love summer the weather, time with family, and traveling! I also use summer to reflect on the year I had with my students. I had such a great class this year, you know we get different classes from time to time, and this year was one of those rare times for me. My students were eager to learn, and just a great community of learners. However, as I reflect, I don't think they were any different from other students in the past, what I think was different was me!!! I used the first six weeks of the year to build a classroom community built on respect, I also modeled all expectations and procedures. Yes, it was me...I thought it was them all year, but it was me. We must train students well, before we can teach them effectively!!! I think I get better and better each year. I love teaching first, and I am sure next year I'll still have a great class!!!! Haopy Summer All!!!! I am going to enjoy and plan for next yr!

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