Thursday, July 12, 2012

Get to know me Thursday!!!!


I hope everyone is just enjoying all our deserved time out, I am. I have been laying around, catching up on reading, and eating lunch at a moderate rate, lol. I am loving it, I am loving life, and loving this weather. I live in Chicago, so it is a joy to wear flip flops everyday, I usually wear them until I just can't do it any more.

After filling out nearly a 100 applications, I got an interview, yay!!!!!! its with a charter school, and for grade 4. I taught 4th before, and could easily go back to it. I really fell in love with first though, but I won't complain. I am thankful to God for any position I am blessed with, and I am sure its some great 4th grade blogs that will inspire me...............

As soon as I get word I let y'all know!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) Good luck with the job!

    Elementary Adventure

  2. Oh family was in beautiful Chicago during the heat/humidity wave! We were there for a Minister's conference and spent time in the city as well! Standing in faith with you for the exact teaching position God has for you! Bless you!


    1. Thanks so much for stopping by my little blog, and for your thoughtful prayer, I really appreciate it. My church is having a huge faith conference in September, check out Bill Winston Ministries to learn more.
      God Bless

  3. Best of luck! I love fourth grade!