Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bad afternoons/everyday math

Hi All,
Each day my first grade class starts out wonderful!!! Everyone (many) are attentive. I am able to meet with groups, my balanced literacy approach is text book perfect.... Then the afternoon comes....I don't know if their just tired or is it everyday math! I have been following everyday math to a t, and I realized that my students have no time to master concepts. This spiraling curriculum is  a bit much. Everyday it's something new... Although math boxes review previously taught concepts it's about four or five concepts that my high students can tackle, but it's way too much for my low students. I am going to re-vamp my math practice in the afternoon... Can anyone share how they implement math. Is anyone else students having tough afternoons??? Thank God for 3 day wknds


  1. We started using Everyday MAth this year. I really struggle to get it all in, it just seems to jump all over the place. I completely agree with you, my top kids are getting it all, but there isn't enough practice for my lower kids to get the concepts and retain them. Let me know if you have come up with any solutions. My district wants us using it with fidelity. I put it on my lesson plans, but so far thats not happening.
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    1. Hi Kelly,
      I have tried and tried, but it truly is moving around to much. Just the other day I had my students playing splat an addition game, and I observe way too many students struggling with addition facts. I refuse to be that teacher next yr who sent kids to second who can't add or subtract basic facts. I am fortuante to work at a school that understands that no one curriculum is a cure all;. So, we also have go math, and I'll be started that on Monday. It's divided up into units (addition, subtraction, measurements...)
      The yr is winding down, and I need to master basic math. My advice to you is since you have to do...wink (keep doing what your doing) supplement, supplement. I also taught lessons over two-three days, and I gave weekly assessments by clipping previous days math boxes. that will allow me to know if I need to re-teach. I know this is a lot, I hope it helps. Let me know, Good Luck :)