Saturday, November 17, 2012

What we been up to!!

This week was a short week with Veteran's Day on Monday. We also had Junior Achievement Day, and Pepsi co came out to teach about recycling. My students loved learning new things, but boy were we busy. We also were busy learning about sneaky e, and my little darlings created sneaky e posters on Friday, which were ruin shortly after, when our CEILING!!!!! came crumbling down just before dismissal. We had a water leak.... no one was hurt, but our super cute sneaky e posters :(. Imagine the chaos in a class of 27 six year olds........Oh yeah, it was everything you could imagine and then some. Here are a few pics of our activities minus our sneaky e posters.  Also here is a pic of my little guy going to his choir performance, let me tell you this boy loves to sing, he was so proud :)

                                                   Jaleel showing off his choir vest!
                                                    Even Steven and Odd Todd visited our class
                                                    My students really get odd and even now!, I hope :)
                                                    We did tons of activities :) forgot to take pics
                                                    Silent E, I got this from  Cara over at
                                                    such a fun activity.
                                                   We also did sight word color coding on
                                                   our friend Tom Turkey!!! gobble I just
                                                   wrote our weekly sight words on a turkey
                                                   coloring sheet, and created a color key.
                                                   Check out the pic above, I didn't tell this student
                                                   to color the words, talking about higher order thinking!!!!!!!!!yay
                                                   Sight word abc order!!!


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