Thursday, January 5, 2012


Well I am very fortunate to be at a school that gives us 3 weeks off for winter break! I return Monday. I like three weeks, because you always feel like you need a few extra days after a two week break. Today I plan to plan and grade. My son attends a Charter School, and he returned to school on Monday. I love that I had this week off to, because it allowed me to volunteer in his class yesterday, which I absolutely loved, and he loved me being there. However, I realized that I am too relaxed to teach right now. During his class I found myself yawning and getting tired. So, for the next few days I am going to be a bit more active, so I am ready for my 28 first graders. The thought of 28 first graders who will be super excited after being home for three weeks makes me tired already, lol. However, I am thinking that since we've been off for a while on Monday I should go back over rules and expectations. I also just remembered before break my first graders were becoming Huge Tattle Tellers!!!!, to the point that it was driving me insane. Does anyone have any suggestions? They were also have issues with line spots and not having room ect, I think I better also plan new line spots!, oh, boy :)Here I go!!!

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  1. Going back after 3 weeks must be tough...and 28 first graders! I thought my 21 littles ones were a lot! Maybe just simply reviewing tattle vs. report will do the trick? Good luck!

    What is driving me insane? Untied shoes! I am so tired of leaning over... :)