Sunday, January 29, 2012

Centers in Action!!!

I am so thankful to my bloggy world for helping with my learning curve from 4th to 1st. All the post you share has truly help with my implementation of centers. Here they are in action (still a work in progress). 
                                                             Subtraction cut and paste!
                                             reading is best with a pointer they are much more engaged!!!
                                             thanks Primary Perspective :) 
                                                                rhyming words!!!!!
                                                                 Place Value!!!!
                                                 I learned that I should also put out the real base ten blocks too!
                                                  abc order, they completed 4 list :)
                                                  I will put the real coins out too, still learning!

                                                             thinking it through :)


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Jennifer, I was thinking of you with the storms that came through there. How are you???

  2. Wow, look at all those crayons lined up! Was that the student's doing or yours? Looks like you are doing great!

    Teachery Tidbits

    1. It was his doing, I didn't know until I posted the pics, too cute! thanks I am really trying. I am sure next yr will be easier.