Monday, January 6, 2014

A little Snow Day!!!!!

Hi Friends,

Today we have a snow feels colder than 20 below here in Chicago...brrrrrrr. So, the district decided to keep the kids in, its way to cold to have them out. I am going to use this day to plan and reflect. I don't know about you all. but when January hits, I feel like I am running out of time. So much more to teach!!!!! In my class I am implementing math workshop. My students do three rotaions math with the teacher, partner math, independent math. My district uses Everyday Math, because its a spiral program the workshop really helps me work in small groups with my little darlings. I usually complete the math boxes in small group since it covers previous skills. Math with a partner is usually a math game... like top it... I use card games and dice games. I try my best not to make copies...I hate wasting paper...thats another post. I am almost a paperless teacher. Students use markers and white boards to record and tally scores. Independent math is usually the lesson page and/or a supplemental worksheet. I usually give my students lots and lots of addition practice, by the end of the year their addition experts. I find that daily addition practice, helps increase their number sense knowledge, and it shows on MCLASS!!! I currently have a small group doing double and triple addition with no re-grouping. I plan to start them with regrouping... not required...but it won't hurt. I believe in pushing them to their fullest potential. I wish you all who are back at work a wonderful bless day! I'll be in my pj's drinking coffee, and staying warm. Please checkout my math centers...Superbowl Math and Literacy Centers! click here!!!!

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