Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Currently

Hi Yall,

Once again I am linking uo with my girl Farley at  Oh Boy 4th grade
for this month currently.


  1. I also am wanting some Maxi dresses!! I have really got to start utlitizing my little bit of planning time during the week better. I always end up having to plan something on the weekend. I'm envious of you. I'm following from Farley's! Hope you have an awesome month of May! : )

    Common Core Teacher's Toolbox

  2. Hi Amy... I am so delighted you join my little blog, and I'll be hopping over to yours to return te favor. I actually learned the method of getting my plans done by a retired teacher. The art of it is to use every moment of your prep (which I get daily for 1 hr, and I work through my lunch. So, I can't socialize with my teammates during the day, but it works. I also input 1-2 grades a day, so mu grades are always current, and I have the wknd to my family.. try it out, and let me know how it goes.