Friday, April 26, 2013

Five for Friday!!!

I don't know about you, but I am pooped. We have been sooooo busy in first grade. This five for friday seems fun, I have been reading so many interesting post. So, I thought I would try, so I am linking uo with doodle bug teaching

1, I worked out everyday this week except today, my body was aching!!! I been at the gym at 5am, and I am really proud of myself. losing weight is not easy. I also have been eating very healthy, and I feel good :)

A picture of my dinner shrimp and veggies...yummy and a pic of the eliptical....359 cals burned...yay...

2. I am also obsessed with the breakfast smoothie Cara at  The First Grade Parade  shared...It is soooo good been drinking it everyday. She is not only a very talented teacher, she has great ideas all around....luv her! ,

3. Earth Day was a blast ] kiddoes really enjoyed creating their earth day projects via Miss Kindergarten 
4, I had a very teachable moment this week... This week during daily 5 I observed everyone engaged.. everyone on task, it was also unusually quiet..I grabbed a quick pic...we all know that wasn't going to last all day! lol
 This was read to someone...they are so stinkin cute! so proud of them

5.  I went to my first vegan restaurant...I had chicken (soy) and butternut squash soop. I really enjoyed the soup... the chicken was pretty, but I didn't care for it. 

It is time for bed...Have a great weekend :) Its going to be near 70 here in Chicago, so I am planning to be outdoors!

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