Monday, September 17, 2012

On Strike!!!! Chicago Teachers Union

Well as many of you know Chicago is on strike, were fighting for a fair evaluation system and a host of other things. We are headed in the second week of strike, and I miss my firsties. I can't plan, because prior to the strike I became very sick, and all my stuff is at school. They won't let us in the building, and they took away our website privaleges. So, I am anxious to get back, I been seeing some really great ideas on pinterest and I am ready to use them. I am sure when I return it will be like the first week all over again, because I was out a week before the strike, so I haven't seen my students in over 2 weeks. I don't know how my classroom look, I wonder if the sub let them do whatever they wanted. I wonder if they used all my pencils, have they broken anything, did someone tear up many thoughts. On a positive note I am feeling better, and I am just ready to teach. The negative thing is that we're going to have to make up this seven or more days at the end of the yr :(, and this is Chicago so if we have a terrible snowstorm will have to use snow days, which will also have to be made up. Please keep us Chicago teachers in your thoughts and prayers. -Kim