Sunday, June 24, 2012

Trying to Enjoy the Summer

Hi Yall,

My husband mention to me yesterday, that I am not enjoying summer break, because of my relentless job search. I must admit, I am not. I have been spending all my time thinking and searching for my job this fall.

Really wish I could just be planning for next yr, and not searching, and really not knowing what grade I'll have.
My summers usually consist of me reading and planning for the nxt school yr, like you all are doing.

I decided that I am only going to look for jobs early each morning and enjoy the rest of the day, by walking along Lake Michigan and enjoying Chicago' s skyline, going to the beach, and attending Chicago's Movie in the Parks.

Are there any universal projects I could work on for planning for next school year?????

Yeah!, I guess I could plan a class theme, and some organization projects.

Can anybody think of anything else I could be doing?

I think by planning and having a positive attitude about a new job it will happen. (Positivity and Faith)

1 comment:

  1. Good luck! Remember to breathe and keep the faith. I didn't start looking for a job until July last year (we start in September here) so just remember you still have time. Your new plan of looking in the am only is a smart one. Maybe become familiar with the CCS at various grade levels in case you change a grade? Good luck!