Saturday, March 10, 2012

Immmmmmmm Back

I have super busy just learning first grade, I am planning, planning, planning and I keep saying next yr will better, because I'll do this better and that better. I have had such a learning curve coming from 4th to 1st, and right now my class has gotten very, very busy I think there tired, lots and lots of tatalling so much in fact I created a tattle tale journal! they love it. Glad to be back I hope everyone is doing gooooood :)


  1. I taught 4th grade several years before venturing to 1st. What a transition it was! I love it though! ...can't imagine teaching any other grade. My kiddos are about to drive me up the wall with their talking and tattling too. If you figure out the solution please share. Have a great weekend.

    First Grade Delight

    1. I agree with you its a huge transition, but I love first grade. I just know I am going to get better with time. I already have tons of ideas for nxt yr. Do first graders usually change after winter break? My class has not been the same since. Thanks for your thoughts, and assuring me that I am not alone :)

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    1. Hi Jennifer,

      How are you, thought about you with the Tornado's that came through there.